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[Image: 2020_over_dd.JPG]

Show Type:  Original Finish Workmanship - yes, you read that right!

Entries Open:  January 2nd, 2021 at 12 noon EST

Entries Close:  January 10th, 2021 at 6 AM EST

Judging begins:  January 10th, 2021 after entries close

Judging ends:  January 16th, 2021 (I hope I get done before then!)

Host:  Diana R. Dubbeld,

Judging Criteria:  50% coat color realism, 25% breed, 25% anatomy/biomechanics

Judges:  Diana R. Dubbeld (I am a glutton for punishment!)

Divisions:  Original Finish Workmanship: Base Coat, Dilute Coat, Pinto Coat, Patterned Coat, Foal Coats, and Hobby Colors. Models of any make and material can enter so long as they are original finish. This means OF plastic, OF resin, OF china, OF metal, OF wood, OF glass, etc can enter!

Title Field should include:  Put the coat color of your models in the title field as well as any patterning it has.
For Example:
Dunskin Splash Overo
Chestnut Manchado
Black Varnish Roan Blanket Appaloosa
Walnut Woodcut
Copper Patina

Description Field: If you don't want to compete for annual points, your photo's description field should be formatted like this, note the use of asterisks and pipe characters:

NAME*Horse Name|OTHER*Breed and Gender and Any Other Info you want to complete your entry.

Read here for more info on this, and if you want to compete for points, there's a slight variation explained here. What is in the NAME* area is what is going to appear in the results where the horse's name would ordinarily appear. If you want to accrue points please put Workmanship in the EVENT* portion of the description field.

Rules:  Each model may only enter one color class. If you have a horse that is a Black Sabino, you have to pick if you want to enter it in the Black class in the Base Coat division or enter it in the Sabino class in the Pinto division. It can not enter both. Foals are to be show in the foal division only. For the sake of my sanity, please do not enter everything you own! I do not want to put per class limits as some people prefer to collect certain colors. I ask that you choose your best and most realistic finish models to show. For example, don't enter your palomino FAS in the palomino class. I love a nice glossy caramel palomino FAS but he is not a workmanship horse. Unless models are showing in the Hobby Colors division, then give me everything!

Awards:  Will be certificates you can print from home for divisional and overall champions and reserve champions.

Entry Fee: Entry is free!

Base Coat Division:
Black/Smokey Black
Champion/Reserve Base Coat

Dilute Coat Division:
Dun (All)
Silver/Mushroom (All)
Champagne/Pearl/Double Cream (All)
Champion/Reserve Dilute Coat

Pinto Coat Division:
Sabino/White Spotting
Other/Combination Pinto
Champion/Reserve Pinto Coat

Patterned Coat Division:
Dark Headed Roan
Appaloosa - 50% Spotted or Less
Appaloosa - 51% Spotted or More
Champion/Reserve Patterned Coat

Foal Coat Division:
Base Foal Coat (All)
Dilute Foal Coat (All)
Pinto Foal Coat (All)
Patterned Foal Coat (All)
Hobby Foal Coat (All)
Champion/Reserve Foal Coat

Hobby Colors Division:
White/Undecorated (no unpainted artist resins)
Vintage Decorators
Modern Decorators
Woodies/Faux Woodies
Metallic (no unpainted metal micros)
Stone/Faux Stone/Leather/Other
Champion/Reserve Hobby Colors

Overall Champion/Overall Reserve Champion

I will be available during upload week to help with answering questions on entering and what class a model should go in. Please use the forum here on Pony Bytes so I do not miss your questions!
heck yeah I'm in
Amazing classlist right? jelly over all who have the opportunity to enter!
This just in! Hagen Renaker Tennessee is kindly donating a tangible, mailed prize to the single highest-placing HRTN entry in 2020 is OVER! Photo Show! Thank you HRTN! <3
The galleries are unlocked for uploading! If you find one I missed please let me know here in the forum and I will fix it! You have till January 10th at 6am EST to upload photos!
As a reminder to entrants, please only put coat color and pattern in the title field, not name, breed, or gender. Thanks!
I’ve cut myself off at 50 entries because that seemed reasonable! Big Grin

Tip: Creating sub galleries in MyGallery was super helpful for organizing Workmanship labeled entries!
Just a reminder that entries close 
January 10th, 2021 at 6 AM EST!

There is so much eye candy I can't wait to judge!
I have sealed the show up from further entries. Good luck judging Diana!!
I am going to need it! So many lovely entries!  Heart
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