Full Version: The Resin Futurity 2021
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Show Name: The Resin Futurity 

Show Type: Artist Resin Breed and Workmanship

Entries open: Fri 8/13/21 5PM ET

Registration closes: Fri 8/20/21 5PM ET

Entries close:  Mon 9/6/21 11:59PM ET.

Judging/stewarding begins:  Fri 9/10/21

Judging ends:  Fri 9/17/21 

Hosts:  Stacy Quick (Arrow810) email:
            Kristin Arendt (Milor D'Isigny) email:

entry and class lists can be found at

Judging Criteria:  

Basic Judging Criteria:
All Halter divisions will be judged on ABCs: Anatomy (aka Can this be alive?) Biomechanics (aka Does the body function like a horse should—no extra or missing parts) & Conformation (could this model be the breed it is being shown as?).

Workmanship: Horses will be judged on the quality of the prep work & the paint job and the overall finish. A reference photo for the color or pattern can be helpful.
Performance: Suitability to event or task portrayed: appropriateness, fit, adjustment, accuracy of tack, & props, placement of model in relation to props.

Explanation card/documentation is highly recommended for unusual or rare breeds or colors. No setups (doll handlers, sand arenas, etc) will be allowed in halter classes, due to space and time limitations. Please use a link in yours photo description so that a judges may easily find your documentation for breeds, colors, or performance entries.

Horses may wear a breed appropriate halter, but these will not necessarily be given preference in judging. Be aware that ill-fitting and/or inappropriate and/or incorrect halters may count against the horse

Performance: Tara Haskins
Large scale Breed/halter: Jamie Stine
Large scale workmanship: Lauren Wood
Mini Breed/halter: Heather Jackson-Lain
Mini Workmanship: Shauna McDaniel
Micros (both breed & workmanship): Lynn Royea
Medallions: Kristin Arendt

Divisions: Artist Resin Performance, Artist Resin Traditional/Classic (Breed and Workmanship), Artist Resin mini (Breed and workmanship), Micro Mini (Breed and Workmanship), and Medallions. 

Title Field on your entries should include:  

The formatting for uploads should include the following
Description: NAME*YOUR HORSE's NAME here|OTHER*BREED and Gender

NAME*Bubble Butt|OTHER*Belgian Gelding

please refer to the help section for questions on formatting as well as linking documentation to your entries. 

Micro, Mini, & Large scale divisions include, but not limited to: Breyer/similar mass produced “OF” resin models, Animal Artistry Resins, Artist Resins (such as those produced by Resins By Randy, DaBar, or individual artists), or new artist sculptures.

Breyer or other OF models may be shown at this show, but the Breakables China show has an expanded class list for just these types OF models and are likely better suited to be shown there.

The Medallion classes are open to all painted medallions and will be awarded flats & any other applicable awards just like any other division or section with 1 overall champion, not a section champion. Busts may enter the appropriate color class. For this show, a bust is being defined as a model horse head and no further than the withers/start of shoulders.

Performance entries will be judged on how accurately they represent the event being shown. Entries should be correct, realistic, and presented with attention to detail. Please do your research so your entry is correct with reference to tack, props, the horse's position and gait, etc. Dolls are allowed, but not required in any class except Showmanship. If you cannot get dolls to sit/stand properly or hold reins, or if they are not outfitted properly for the scene, it is best not to use them.

Harness Events: Vehicle IS required. Open to any breed of horse or pony, single or multiple hitches. Entries must be performing a harness event or activity such as: cross-country driving, dressage, obstacle driving, log pulling, plowing, chariot race, harness racing, etc. Fences, backdrops, footing, props, & scenery are allowed in Pleasure classes. Remember the space and time limitations, please.

Other Performance includes any event that does not belong in Other English or Other Western.
(Example: Miniature Horse in-hand Jumping, Racing etc.)

Dressage entries must have a proper Dressage test and show where the horse is in that test.

Jumper, Cross Country, and Hunter Over Fences entries must have a proper jump/obstacle.

English Trail Arena is the event found in an arena. English Trail Natural would be in a natural setting.

Cutting, Roping, Stock Work entries must have some type of livestock. Gymkhana includes games ridden in a Western saddle: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Keyhole, etc. as well as "fun" games.

Reining, Western Riding and Western Horsemanship entries must have a proper pattern and show where the horse is in that pattern.


Complete class list can be found at