Most of the show-related action takes place in the Gallery. You can access the Gallery by clicking the "Gallery" link in the upper right-hand area of any site page. The Gallery is organized into what the developer calls "Categories." A top-level "parent" (show) category always appears on the front page of the Gallery as a link. The link leads to a list of linked subcategories (classes) that may contain images. This link shows an illustration.
Illustration of How You Navigate the Gallery

Here is a brief summary of the show process.

  • A host schedules her show, selects judges, and prepares a show packet.
  • The host announces the show in the Show Announcements forum.
  • An administrator sets up a spot in the gallery for the show host and entrants.
  • Entrants upload or copy photo entries into the show.
  • The host locks the show to ensure no further entries.
  • The host moves photos that have been entered incorrectly.
  • The judges rate photos from 1st to 5th in classes, and judge championships.
  • Entrants chillax and watch the results come in.
  • The host announces all judging is complete.
  • The administrators close up the show.