About Your Photos

File Types.JPG files are fine. PNG and GIF will also work. Apple users, HEIC photo files will not work because they cannot be displayed on the internet. Very recently, some photo sites have begun to accept them, but the sites are actually converting them to JPGs. You can convert fairly easily if you have a Mac laptop or computer.

Dimensions.Please keep your photos sized to 1000px wide (or as close as possible - I think an ideal "SmugMug" size is about 1200 px wide); click here for an online sizer. There is a limit on how many photos you can store in the Gallery, and the more space we use, the faster we get to a point where we might have to contemplate charging for using this site. Additionally, the site has to scale down super-large images for them to fit on the judge's screen without scrolling, so there may be some differences in appearance. The site requires photos at least 600px wide and 400px tall.

Backgrounds.You can use any kind of background you want on this site. Your countertop is fine.