About Your Photos

File Types.JPG files only please. Apple users, HEIC photo files will not work because they cannot be displayed on the internet. Very recently, some photo sites have begun to accept them, but the sites are actually converting them to JPGs. You can convert fairly easily if you have a Mac laptop or computer.

Dimensions.The site is set to display images no larger than 1000 pixels wide, and no smaller than 400 pixels wide and 400 pixels in height. There is also a 250,000 byte/250 kilobyte limit on photo file sizes. The site will resize your images for you, but for maximum quality, resize them yourself in your photo application. If you don't have a photo application on your local device, you can click here for an online sizer (note there are many such sites that you can locate by using Google, this is just an example). Please note that there is no advantage to uploading larger images, as the site reduces the viewable size of your image anyway.

Backgrounds.You can use any kind of background you want on this site. Your countertop is fine.