Formatting Text Fields: Simple Version

Use this version of the text field formatting instructions if you are a first-time user or if you don't care about points. When the site accepts your photo, it stores it with two text fields: the Title field, and the Description field. Both of these fields need to be completed to enter shows and have your results and points tabulated correctly, just like when you complete leg tags for live shows.The good news is, unlike a live show where you have to keep packing and unpacking horses, and tagging and untagging them with different info, you only have to do it once for each photo and then you're good for every show you enter thereafter.

Watch the Video

You can either watch this quick two-minute video from Julia, or you can read the text directions below.

Edit the Title Field

In your MyGallery area, click the small link labeled "Edit" underneath a thumbnail image to launch the Edit Photo form.

Location of "Edit" photo link.

Put your horse's name in the Title field and change it only if the Show Hosts instructs you to do so. Since this is the only text visible when a person is looking at the whole class-ful of horses, the host may want something that helps her steward the show, such as breed and gender for halter, or the event for performance.

Edit the Description Field

When you uploaded your photo, you might have noticed that the Description field had the following form text already in it.

Form language in the Description field.

In order to format your entry, all you have to do is replace "HorseName" with your horse's actual name, and then replace the material after |OTHER* with the horse's breed, gender, collectibility or performance information. You can adjust this information later when you go to enter a show. Click here to see a "live" example.

A diagram of the editable parts of the Description field.

The best practice is to avoid adding an extra space after the * characters, use "and" instead of "&" and apostrophes instead of quotes. Please do not put hard returns or paragraphs in this area. If you want to link to documentation, read this section and then return here. If you make mistakes in your formatting, we can try to fix this at the results stage, but we can only do it if we have the time and there are only a few entries with a problem.

Review Your MyGallery Report

You can see how all your MyGallery photo Description fields are formatted, and how they will look in the results, by clicking Reports in the topmost menu of this Help page, and selecting the MY GALLERY menu item. Do not skip this step!

MyGallery Report shows your formatting and if it is correct.