Instructions for Stewards

Read the Show Packet. Make sure you review the show's packet prior to doing any work so that you are aware of the schedule and any class definitions that may affect your work. Packets are normally available in the Show Announcements forum in the thread with the name of your show.

Know Your Assignment. Make sure you fully understand what classes you are supposed to steward, so you are not stewarding (and possibly moving) someone else's photos.

Special Login/Powers. In order to convey your special steward powers, the administrators will issue to you a special login. If you have trouble with it, please send an email to admins @ (without the spaces).

Gallery Layout. Before you steward, familarize yourself with the various views in the Gallery. A view of a class looks like this image.
Class Appearance
An enlarged photo looks like this image.
Key Areas in Photo
As you will note, there are several text fields that accompany the photo: the photo Title field (unmarked) and the Description field. There is also a "next image" link that allows you to advance to the next image in the class. The "comment" area is at the bottom of the page.

What Stewards Do. You will be checking to make sure (1) each entry is in the right class, (2) entrants have breeds and genders for their horses in breed halter classes, color information for workmanship, collectibility information for shows that have such classes, and a description of the event for performance (for mixed performance classes where the event is not obvious from the class name); (3) Documentation is present where required; and (4) in the case of most shows, that entrants have followed the site's Simple or Advanced formatting rules for the Title and Description fields. Read the linked Help documents. If there are limitations on the word length of documentation, please enforce those lengths. *Do not worry about the sizes of images* - the system takes care of that.

Formatting Issues. Make identifying formatting problems a priority, because the chances are good that an entrant who has made multiple formatting mistakes will have made them with ALL their entries, and they will need a lot of time to fix those (if they don't fix them before the galleries close, you may have to fix them all). If an entrant has just made one or two mistakes with just one or two photos, fix the formatting yourself and move on.

When to Start. Stewarding is an ongoing process that starts as soon as entrants start uploading photos and ends when judging is supposed to start. It may be tempting to wait until we close the galleries to further entries, but from experience, stewards who wait that long struggle to finish. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to frustrate entrants, who may be given too little time to "fix" things because you have waited until just a few days before judging starts to alert them to multiple problems with entries. Also, after Galleries close, *you* have to fix problems for them, because they cannot edit their entries - if they do, their photos will be bounced out of the show. For all of these reasons, it is best to spend at least an hour each day going through the photos in your various classes, looking for aberrational entries, from the very beginning of the entry period through the end of stewarding.

Comment. The easiest way to document an issue with an entry is to create a comment below the photo. If the entrant resolves the issue, please delete the comment. If a photo lands in your section (because it got moved) and there is an issue with the entry identified by another steward that has not been resolved, please follow up with the entrant cc: the other steward. If the issue has been resolved by the time the photo lands in your section (sometimes the comment is just "move this photo to another section please"), then go ahead and delete the other steward's comment.

All comments must contain the following form language: "If you are reading this comment on or before [date the galleries close], please fix this yourself by going to the topmost menu, clicking 'Reports,' and then 'My Entries' and use the links in 'My Entries' to edit your entry. If you see this comment after [date the galleries close], then I must fix this issue for you to prevent your entry from being discarded, and you should contact me about that by going to the topmost site menu, clicking 'Reports,' and then clicking 'My Comments.' Please note that you cannot contact me using the 'Report' link below. Thank you!"

The reason for this form language is that entrants cannot edit their own entries after Galleries close, and if they try, the site will bounce their photos out of the show and into the Practice Show. For that reason, you have to make edits for them after the Gallery closure date for your show, and this language explains as much. Additionally, entrants often use the "Report Comment" link to try to "reply" to comments, and that sends "report" emails to every Staff member, so we explicitly discourage that in the form language.

Communicate. After the Galleries close, please routinely update the show hosts and the site admins as to how far you have gotten in your stewarding and please do identify any entrants who seem to really be struggling with specific problems/issues (this will help you work collaboratively with other stewards, so you are not all pummeling an entrant with comments on the same widespread issue). If you have access to the staff forum, just post there. If you do not, then an email would be most welcome. There are normally multiple stewards working and it really helps us measure whether we're keeping to schedule if people report in often. We would rather know that you are behind early enough for us to help you, than to find out when judging is to begin. :)

Splitting Classes. If you can already see that a class is overly-large, your recommendation for a split is welcome. Please send a PM to the host cc: admins @ (without the spaces), and tell us what the name of each new class should be, and if it meets with the host's approval, the site admin will create a new class. When she is done, you can then move photos into it.

Moving Photos. Navigate to the incorrectly-placed photo and enlarge it by clicking on the thumbnail image. When the photo is enlarged, you will see a small menu up at top that includes a link to "Edit". Click that link and you will see the Edit Picture form. Using the "Category" drop-down menu, select the correct subcategory (class) for the photo. Then click the "Edit Picture" button to save your work. If you move a photo, please send the entrant a PM letting them know the photo has been moved, so the entrant does not try to move it back.

Reports. For larger shows, we often produce a set of reports for stewards that you can access through a special link. These reports usually show all the *text* accompanying the entries in your division, organized by class, and will notate whether you have left a comment for any entries. To find entries where you have commented, just ask your browser to search for ": Y" (without the quotes). Looking at these reports is usually faster than going photo by photo. You will want to look at the pix also, of course, eventually.

Gallery "Ghost Dupe" Bug. For the last several months, the Gallery has had a bug that is no big deal if you know about it, and super confusing if you don't. When you move a photo and go to the class where the photo has been moved, you (and usually, only you) sometimes see *two* copies of the photo's thumbnail image. Both copies link to the *same* enlarged photo, and if you delete one thumbnail (believing it to be a duplicate), you will in fact delete both thumbs and the entry. To figure out if you are looking at a "ghost" dupe or a true dupe thumbnail/entry, hover your mouse over both thumbnails so you can see the URL associated with the thumbnail. If both thumbnails lead to the same enlarged photo/URL, then one is a ghost dupe and you can ignore it.

Pony Pound. If you and the host sincerely cannot figure out where an entry is supposed to go (for example, where the entry doesn't contain enough info to make this determination and the entrant seems to be offline), we have advised hosts to make a "Pony Pound" class/category where the stewards can move photos. You and/or the host can leave comments attached to these photos advising why the entry appeared to be incorrect, but be diplomatic as the entrant will see the comment.

Winding Up Stewarding. About three days before judging is to start, please report in the Staff Forum (where available) or email (only if you do not have access to the Staff Forum) about any outstanding entries with comments or problem entries you have left, so we can decide whether to Pony Pound those entries. We do not want to leave any entries with comments in the regular classes.