Links to Photo-Taking Guides


Cindy Evans-Yates Article
A great primer on taking model horse photos with examples of good and poor photos.

Breyer/Mindy Berg Article
A simple but good description of how to construct more complex and appealing photos from one of the hobby's best photographers.


Stormy Strike YouTube Video
This almost comprehensive video covers all the important elements including lighting, backgrounds, camera angles.

Daisy Stalls YouTube Video
This video shows photo shoots outdoors and indoors, and includes details such as working with photo software to crop and brighten the image.

Photo Set-Ups

Jennifer Buxton's Photography Setup
In this single image from the excellent Braymere Blog, Jennifer shows us the inside of her photo studio.

Nikki Button's Photo Setup
At about 44:30, Nikki shows the lights she uses for her photos and describes the camera she uses.