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Breyer Online Open 2023
[Image: banner.jpg]

We are pleased to announce that we will be conducting Breyer Online Open in September 2023.


- Current Results with Photo Links: Go to topmost site menu, click "Reports" > "Current Results" > "BOO! Breyer Online Open Photo Show"
- Downloadable Excel Results: Click here for an Excel spreadsheet with the results.
- Just Your Own Results: Go to topmost site menu and click "Reports" > "MyResults"
- Archived Results (Permanent, No Links): Go to topmost site menu, click "Reports" > "Archived Results" > "BOO! Breyer Online Open Photo Show"

Printable Flat Ribbons:

1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th | 8th | 9th | 10th

Key Documents: Entry: Entries are now closed. Entrants do not touch your entries, or you will bounce them out of the show. It may look like you can edit, but you can't.

Important: Definitely read the packet! There is a very high probability that your entries will not be formatted correctly if you skip that step. This show is being run differently from the live Open show and different from other PonyBytes shows, and the packet will explain what to expect. Also - if you have questions, please post them in the question thread here - not BreyerFest Official (this is not a BF show) nor Modelholics Anonymous. Thank you!

Entry Planner: The Entry Planner is an Excel workbook that has one spreadsheet with all classes listed, and other spreadsheets that list only the classes for a specific division, such as OF Collectibility. You can use this workbook to help plan entries and record when you have actually copied your horse's photo from your MyGallery space into the show, completing its entry. You can also enlarge the font on this version of the classlist, although we do not have the championships identified on this version (because you can't "enter" championships).

Document Versions:
08/02/23: Version 2 of the Show Packet and Run Classification List contain non-substantive changes that include renaming of the show to Breyer Online Open and changing the rules so that you do not need a BF ticket to enter.
08/16/23: Version 3 of the Show Packet contains non-substantive changes as it just corrects the numbering on various of the classes.
09/11/23: Version 4 of the Show Packet clarifies that Spanish Mustangs go in Spanish Mustang where the class is offered and German Riding Ponies go in Other Euro Pony. Stewards will be responsible for making the required adjustments; if through inadvertence these horses are in multiple spots, we will not penalize anyone.

FAQs from User Questions:

QUESTION: Do I need to be a BreyerFest ticket holder to enter?
ANSWER: No, we've uncoupled the show from BF, so no ticket is needed. Just pay the entry fee.

QUESTION: Can I show overall champions from other shows such as BreyerFest Open in this show?
ANSWER: Yes you can.

QUESTION: Should I refer to the BreyerFest Open show rules for any questions I might have re: BOO?
ANSWER: No you should not.

QUESTION: Does a horse entered in a breed class and a collectibility class count as two entries?

QUESTION: For collectibility entries, what does "edition name" mean?
ANSWER: It's the name Breyer gave for the run (e.g., "Stagecoach Surprise" instead of "Hamilton"). You may additionally include the mold name, too!

QUESTION: Can I purchase more than one entry, so that I can enter more models?
ANSWER: For this year, no. We are trying to make sure that we have as much room for as wide a group of people as possible. After we get a better idea of how many entrants we're likely to get, we may be able to accommodate it next year, though. One entry per person.

QUESTION: Are splatter dapples a "pattern" or "solid"?
ANSWER: Splatter-dappled horses are "solid."

QUESTION: Are vintage-style splatter dapple grays "unrealistic" or "realistic"?
ANSWER: They can show with other unrealistic colors. 

QUESTION: Where do I put a Custom Irish Cob?
ANSWER: Put the horse in CM Other Euro draft, unless it's specifically the pony/mini type, in which case you can put it in CM UK/Irish Pony.

QUESTION: Can I link to my Facebook page for documentation?
ANSWER: No. It will disclose your real name and judges may not be logged into Facebook.

QUESTION: Can I link to webpages for documentation?
ANSWER: You can, but the judges will probably not have the time to scan an entire webpage for whatever information you think they need to see. If you're using IDYB, we would suggest just restating the information from IDYB into the description field, instead of linking to an IDYB page that the judge has to search to find your model. For more complicated information, use an image or a link to one- or two-sentence Google document instead.

QUESTION: What breed classes do Calabrese and Cumberland Island Horse go in?
ANSWER: Both in Other P/M Light please.

QUESTION: Can halter photos have more than one model pictured?
ANSWER: No, please stick to one horse per breed or collectibility photo, with one exception - if you are showing a model with accessories in a COLL class, you may include other models in the set in the photo, but you must designate which model is the "entry" and the rest will be considered as part of the accessories.

QUESTION: If a model's run was from 1970s-1980s, for example it was released 1978-1982, does it still qualify as vintage (defined in packet at 1980 or older)?
ANSWER: Yes, unless the model is specifically dated to after 1980, if the run spanned any time 1980 or earlier it may show as vintage.

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