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Breakables Online at BreyerFest Horse of a Different Color
Just a reminder to entrants, before you start uploading photos to the Breakables class list you MUST first upload one photo each for breed, collectibility, and workmanship to the practice show with the description formatting of your choice. If you will be showing in performance you also need a practice photo for that division. These practice photos MUST be verified to be correctly formatted before you can start to upload to the Breakables class list.

The practice show can be found here:

When you copy a photo to a show, make sure the "Notify me of comments" box is checked. This is so you can get messages about entry errors.

Please notify the Breakables Host on PonyBytes account via PM to BF_Breakables_Host and include the web links for each photo. We will then reply if you are good to go or if you need to fix anything. You can do this at any time.

Thank you for entering and we can't wait to see your clinkies!

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