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Breakables at BreyerFest 2022
[Image: banner_2022_Breakables.JPG]

Results and Flat Ribbons

The show has been fully judged! Go to the Reports section of the site to see the results with links to the winners. You can also download an Excel copy of the results here. The Overalls are not in any of the copies of the results yet, as those will be announced at BreyerFest in person and via Zoom. See the show packet for further information. You can download your flat ribbons here:

BREED: First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth
COLLECTIBILITY: First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth
WORKMANSHIP: First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth
PERFORMANCE: First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth

Show Packet

Here is the show packet v.7 for this exciting show sponsored by Breyer. Entries are closed and the show is now fully judged.

One new class we offered after the final show packet was published: the Elizabeth V Bouras/Amarna Studios challenge. You could take a picture of your favorite Arabian in your collection, OF or CMG, and create an arty photo. Requirements include an Arabian and the color purple. Awards TBA!

Ring Stewards

This year, your ring stewards are Maggie Barkovitz, Christina Harrington and Liz Bouras (Honorary).

Packet Version History
  • 04/17/22: I've updated the packet to v.2 as I have changed the prefix of the Americanware classes from "USA" to "AME" because "USA" suggests only pottery from the United States is allowed in this division, when it in fact covers "the Americas."
  • 04/19/22: We updated the packet to v.3. We added a draft championship to Europeanware, multiple intermediate championships to the Mini division as well as three classes: longear/exotic, other pure, other part.
  • 04/20/22: We updated the packet to v.4. We clarified the percentages of white necessary for the different grey classes in CMG Workmanship.
  • 04/25/22: We updated the packet to v.5. We renamed the stock classes in Americanware to make it easier to understand what should go where. In OF Mini Collectibility, we corrected the typo in the class named "H-R DW" - that should be "H-R CA" to distinguish the horses in that class from "H-R TN." CMG 41 has been changed from "Patterned Foal" to "Other Realistic Foal."
  • 05/06/22: We updated the packet to v.6. Edits include the following remarks: Classes with the suffix "B" are breed classes. Classes with the suffix "C" are collectibility classes. Classes with the suffix "W" are workmanship classes. We will also reorder the classlist so that Europeanware comes before Other Countryware. KYG classes are double-judged. We added an "unrealistic color" class to Americanware. We also unlocked the show galleries early.
  • 05/26/22: We updated the packet to v.7. The sole edits involve class splits in the following: American Other Foal changed to Longear Foal and Other Foal, OF Mini Morgan/Gaited into Morgan and Other Light, OF Mini H-R CA (collectibility) split into nine new classes separated by breed type, CMG Spanish split into Andalusian/Lusitano and Other Spanish, CMG Patterned Foal split into Appaloosa Foal and Other Pattern Foal, CMG Tobiano split into Tobiano Trad/Large Scale and Other Scale. These are highlighted in yellow on the new show packet so you can easily locate them. In addition, the American Other Unrealistic Color is now visible and I highlighted that class in green on the classlist.
CMG Grey Class Examples

If you're wondering what we mean by light, medium and dark grey, here are some examples:
Light Grey | Medium Grey | Dark Grey

Excel Spreadsheet

You can right-click over this link to download an Excel spreadsheet to help plan your entries. (please note that this has not been updated with the new class splits)
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