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BOO! Breyer Online Open 2024
[Image: 2024_boo_notsmall.JPG]

ABOUT BOO!: This show is for people who are not new to showing model horses and it includes breed and performance classes for factory finish plastic and customized plastic horses, and collectibility and special "collector's classes" for factory-finish plastic horses. If you are new to showing model horses, we would suggest that you consider entry into the Breyer Boot Camp novice show instead.

HOW TO ENTER: You can pay to enter on Breyer's website. Make sure you have an account here before you enter because Breyer's entry form will request your PonyBytes username. You will not need a BreyerFest ticket to enter BOO.

  • Flat ribbons 1st through 10th for all classes except Collectors' Classes
  • Collectors' Classes receive rosettes for 1st through 10th
  • Collectors' Classes 1st and 2nd place winners receive models
  • Expansion of Special Run Breed and Collectibility classes
  • Increase in number of photos you can enter to 75 photos
Show Packet
Show String Planner
Run Classification Guide
Staff Bios (coming)

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