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New Jersey State 4-H Model Horse Show
Show Name: New Jersey State 4-H Model Horse Show

Show Type:  Youth, restricted to NJ 4-H members

Entries open:  Jan. 1

Entries close:  Jan. 15

Judging begins:  Jan. 16, 9 a.m.

Judging ends:  Jan. 16, 3 p.m.

Host:  Lillian Shupe, Host_1,

Judging Criteria:  See show packet on the NJ 4-H website

Judges:  TBA

Divisions:  Junior and Senior, Halter and Performance

Title Field should include:  For breed halter, horse's breed. For performance, the event.

Description Field should include: NAME*Horse's name|OTHER*breed, gender, make (Breyer, Stone, etc.)

NOTE: The "NAME* and "|OTHER*" part should be in there because the computer is looking for those two things to generate results.

Rules:  See packet on NJ 4H website

First Timer
01. First Timer English Performance
02. First Timer Western Performance
Open (Both Junior and Senior)
03. Open Gaited Under Saddle
04. Open Harness
05. Open Collectors
06. Open Barn Scene
07. Open Non Equine
09. Open China/Resin Light Horses
11. Open Custom Light Sport Horse
12. Open China/Resin Draft Ponies
13. Open Custom Gaited
15. Open Custom Color Breeds
16. Open Custom non-color breeds
17. Open Custom Other
18. Jr Hunter/Jumper
19. Jr Trail English and Western
20. Jr English Pleasure
21. Jr Other Performance
22. Creative Scene
23. Jr Action Showmanship
24. Jr Tack By Exhibitor
25. Jr Repaint By Exhibtor
26. Jr OF Arabians
27. Jr OF Appaloosa
28. Jr OF Draft
29. Jr OF Ponies
30. Jr OF Gaited
31. Jr OF Morgans
32. Jr Western Games/Other Western
34. Jr Western Pleasure
35. Jr Costume
36. Jr Standing Showmanship
37. Jr Props Exhibitor
38. Jr Customized By Exhibitor
39. Jr OF Paint(Stock Type)
40. Jr OF Quarter Horse
41. JR OF Thoroughbred/Standardbred
42. Jr OF Mixed Breeds
43. Jr OF Warmblood/Sport Horses
44. Jr OF Other Breeds
73. Jr OF Spanish Breeds
75. Jr. Fantasy
45. Sr Hunter/Jumper
46. Sr Trail English or Western
47. Sr English Pleasure
48. Sr Other Performance
49. Sr Creative Scene
50. Sr Action Showmanship
51. Sr Tack By Exhibitor
52. Sr Repaint by Exhibitor
53. Sr OF Arabians
54. Sr OF Appaloosa
55. Sr OF Draft
56. Sr OF Ponies
57. Sr OF Gaited
58. Sr OF Morgans
59. Sr Western Games/Other Western
61. Sr Western Pleasure
62. Sr Costume
63. Sr Standing Showmanship
64. Sr Props By Owner
65. Sr Customized By Exhibitor
66. Sr OF Paint Horses
67. Sr OF Quarter Horse
68. Sr OF Thoroughbred/Standardbreds
69. Sr Mixed Breeds
70. Sr OF Warmblood/ Sport Horse
71. Sr OF Other Breeds
72. Sr. Fantasy
74. Sr OF Spanish Breeds

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