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Update to Reports Pages
The reports menu is almost fully updated. New features include:

- Javascript header that keep "Show," "Class," etc. headings on top as you scroll

- Users can sort the "My Entries" and "My Results" reports by ID or Name

- Practice points are no longer counted, no need to delete them

- Preliminary sorting of All Results and My Entries reports by show so these reports are less lengthy and overwhelming

- Menu now indicates what report is being viewed (the currently-visible report is underscored)

- Reorganization of My Item Nos. and My Entries reports so that the relationship of the Description field text to the appearance of the ID, Name, Event, and Other fields is now a little more obvious

- I will be moving the "Help" item material to the top area of the Reports page, so the explanation for what each report represents is actually in the Reports area.

I was unable to keep the header that the Forum and Gallery use. This has been replaced by a header entitled "Reports." You can return to the forum by clicking that Reports logo. I will improve this situation at a later date as I wasted close to four days trying to keep the original header.
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