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Breyer Boot Camp Shows
[Image: bb_banner.PNG]

Show Name: Breyer Boot Camp Shows.

Show Type:  Breed, Collectibility, Workmanship and Performance.

Open Show Judges: OF SR Halter - Eleanor Harvey; OF Mini Halter - Chris Wallbruch; CM Halter - Amanda Brock; OF RR Halter - Elaine Lindelef; Performance: Kristian Beverly; OF Collectibility/LR: Robin Roberts. Youth/ Novice Show Judges: CM - Meredith Warren; OF - Missy Shaw; Perf - Anne Field

Adding Photos to Show Galleries Begins:  Friday, Feb. 5, 2021 at 12 pm PST (click for US Time Zone Conversion).

To get started read the Help docs on Uploading Pix and Formatting Text Fields FAQs (Simple for new users or Advanced for others).  DO NOT SKIP READING THESE HELP DOCS! (an optional read: Entering a Show)

Deadline to Enter: Monday, Feb. 15, 2021 at 12 pm PST (click for US Time Zone Conversion). Legal residents of the US and Canada (except Quebec) can enter the Open Show here and the Youth Show here until the deadline.

Uploading Ends: Friday, Feb. 19, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST (click for US Time Zone Conversion).

Judging Window Begins: Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021 at 12:01 am PST.

Rule Links: Open Show | Youth/Novice
Classlist Links: Open ShowYouth/Novice
Breed/Class Placement Links: Open Show | Youth/Novice

Documentation help is here. This is probably more up to date than what you will see in the actual show packet links, as we ran into issues with storing documentation on PonyBytes.

Don't Use Real Name:The BBC shows forbid users from using their real names as their usernames. You can change yours here.

Enable PM to Email: We are actively sending PMs to entrants who have issues with their entries, to try to help them. Please make sure you have your options set so that you get emails when we send you a new PM. It will save you so much time! Smile

EVENT Info for Advanced Users: The following information is missing from Breyer's site, and it is intended only for experienced users of PonyBytes who are seeking points. Those users add special info to their photos' Description fields, including ID and EVENT info, and that is explained in Formatting Text Fields: Advanced. If you are a new user or a Youth/Novice entrant, stick with the Simple method which does not use this info.

Event Info for Open Show Advanced Formatting Users:
- For OF Special Run, OF Regular Run, OF Mini Halter, use Breed
- For Collectibility or Limited Run, use Collectibility
- For OF Regular Run Halter, use Breed
- For Western Performance, use Western
- For English Performance, use English
- For Other Performance division, use Other
- For Custom classes 501-541, use Breed
- For Custom classes 542-552, use Workmanship

Event for Youth/Novice Show Advanced Formatting Users:
- For Y/N OF Halter and CM Halter, use Breed
- For Y/N Performance classes 301-302 use Western
- For Y/N Performance classes 303-304 use English
- For Y/N Performance classes 305-306 use Other
e l i z a b e t h
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Hello Boot Campers! We've started this post to keep a list of questions and answers so far regarding the show. This post will continue to be updated as questions come in. 

Q: Can Youth/Novice show Classics/Stablemates as well as Traditionals?
A: Yes, all scales of Breyer models are allowed.

Q: How do I add a documentation link to my photo?
A: See the instructions here. Here are a few examples of how this might look:

Quote:NAME*Misty|OTHER*Chincoteague Mare
Quote:NAME*Secretariat|OTHER* TB Stallion, documentation: 

Q: I signed up for one of the BBC shows but I don't see the shows as an option to copy my photos to, can you help?
A: Yes! There is a slight lag between when you enter and when we get the information about your entry, so we may not have given you access to the shows yet. Please send an email to and we will investigate.

Q: Can I show my overall champ or reserves from an in-person BreyerWest at this show?
A: No. But next year you can show any horse that overall champs or reserves in the photo show this year.

Q: Do Youth/Novice entrants need to put run information/collectibility information in photo descriptions?
A: No, documentation is not required and collectibility is not a factor in Youth/Novice judging. You may put it if you wish to get practice entering that information, but it will not affect placings.

Q: Do Youth/Novice entrants need to put breed information/documentation in photo descriptions?
A: Y/N entrants must have a named breed in the photo description, however breed documentation is optional. If you desire, you may link to documentation you have put together yourself or a site that lists the breed info.

Q: What workmanship class do Duns go in? Roans?
A: Put Duns in Other Dilutes please. Roans in Other Realistic please.

Q: Where do Walers and Akhal Tekes go in the Open SR Division?
A: SR115 - Other Pure/Part Sport Breeds.

Q: My breed is identified as a "Rare Breed" that goes in "Other." "Other" what?
A: Rare breeds go in other pure in whatever section you think is correct for the body type!

Q: Where do I put my Breeds of the World resin for the Open show?
A: OFM228 - Resin/China Models, All Breeds

Q: Where do Customer Appreciation Glossies that Identifyyourbreyer says are under 160 go in the Open Show?
A: The OF Special Run division.

Q: Where do the annual Holiday horses in the fantasy tack go in Open? (sometimes called "Christmas horses")
A: The OF Regular Run division. In contrast, the Christmas special runs sold from Breyer's website go in OF Special Run.

Q: What is the 70th Anniversary chase model go for the Open Show?
A: The OF Regular Run division.

Q: Do Limited Run stablemates show in OF Mini or OF Limited Run?
A:  The OF Mini division.

Q: Is there anything special I should know about glossies?
A: Please see Erin's post on glossed models here.

Q: Where do modern mini decos go?
A: Class C409 unless it's a keychain.

Q: Where do Miniature Horses go?
A: As these horses are under 14.2 hands, please put them in Other Pony. 

Q: Can I crop/brighten my photos?
A: Yes, cropping is allowed! You may also brighten/color correct your photos in order to show your model's "best self" so that the model in the photo looks the same as it does in real life. What is NOT allowed is editing to fix any flaws on the model or edits to make the model look different or better than it does in reality. For performance, all props/backgrounds/etc. must be present in the photo. You cannot edit in a new background.

Q: Where do Open show Custom Mini Spanish horses go?
A: CM541 - MINI, Other Pure/Mixed Breeds

Q: Where do Youth/Novice enter OF Sport, Pony, and Draft breed foals?
A: Put these in YNOF116 Other Foals please.

Q: In the open show where do Premier Club first-off-the-line horses (permanently mounted to a wood base) go?
A: C405.

Q: In the open show where do Spanish Foals go if there is no Spanish Foal class?
A: Spanish foals go with the Light/Gaited ones, or they can also go in Other Foals (depending on the division)

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