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Candyland! A Yummy Model Horse Photo Show

Show Type: Sweet Halter (Workmanship) & Fun Performance

Entries open:  April 1st, 2021

Entries close:  April 16th, 2021 (11:59 MT)

Stewarding: April 17 through April 21st

Judging begins:  April 22, 2021

Judging ends:  April 30th, 2021

Host:  Heather Malone,

Judging Criteria:  
Each Perf class has title theme to inspire the entries for it. Do your best to demonstrate what that name means to you! There are no wrong answers, there are many ways to interpret the theme names. These are not strictly “performance classes”, they can be just fun or scenes as well. Just have a blast with tack/props/ dolls etc. Bring your sense of humor! Judges will be looking for interpretation of the theme, imagination and quality of execution. 

Halter classes will be judged on workmanship/condition criteria even OF plastic and china 
All plastic show together, all sizes show together 
Classes will be split on a case by case basis if warranted 
A horse can show in one division, one class per division 
Youth is 12 and under, all OF Plastic any make
Halter classes are color themed classes with a twist. All classes are named for sweet things and flavors that point to a color. You are to place your horse in the class that best represents its coat color. Forget genetics, forget the normal bay/black/ gray workmanship class list structure and look at your horse, does he/she look like chocolate or honey? Below are suggestions for placements in the classiest but are by no means gospel. Obviously in the case of patterns and unrealistic, those colors/classes are more narrowly scoped, so they don’t have as many choices. 
• Black Licorice (black, black chestnut, sunburned black) 
• Ganache (bay, dark bay, seal bay, dark brown chestnut) 
• Red Velvet (blood bay, red chestnut, red silver) 
• Caramel (golden chestnut, dark palomino) 
• Honey (palomino, blonde chestnut, buckskin, dun) 
• Cheesecake (cremello, perlino) 
• Marshmallow (white, light gray) 
• The Grey Stuff (dapple gray, dark gray, rose gray) 
• Turkish Delight (red roan, strawberry roan, rose gray?) 
• Blueberry (Blue roan, grulla) 
• Spotted Dick (blanket appaloosa) 
• Chocolate Chip (leopard and semi leopard appaloosa) 
• Rocky Road (tobiano, other) 
• S’mores (overo, sabino) 
• Gelato (other realistic) 
• Jelly Beans (decorator) 
• Gumdrops (fantasy)

Youth Halter (12 and under, OF Plastic): Anna Miller 
OF Plastic: Melissa Addison 
Custom: Sarah Townsend 
Artist Edition: Lindsey Diamond 
OF China: Christina Harrington 
Custom Glaze China: Yashka Hallein 
Medallion Judge: Margaret Balch 
Open Performance: Erin Corbett

A. Youth
B. OF Plastic
C. Custom
D. Artist Edition
E. OF China
F. Custom Glaze  
G. Medallions
Open Performance

Title Field should include:  
Put your horse's name in the Title Field. 
In the Description make sure to include Horse Name, Breed, and Gender for Halter classes. For Fun Performance, make sure to include Horse Name - breed/gender/scene description/anything else is optional, but please note you must leave the |OTHER* text in the description even if you don't add any additional information. 

It’s the return of the giant gummy bears! Candyland Live is going online in 2021 for a super yummy photo show with sweet rewards! The show features multiple sweet halter divisions, a medallion division and fun performance!

• Colored foil chocolate coins for placings 1-5 places 
• Big gummy bears for division champs and candy themed pony pouches by Lindsay Diamond, Lynn Isenbarger, and Heather Jackson-Lain 
• Giant Gummy bears for Best in Show recipients, Candyland T-shirt, candy themed pony pouches and handmade miniature rosettes by Dani Youdris 
• MORE PRIZES TBD. If you would like to donate to the show, email Heather at 

Entry Fees: $15.00 flat fee for all divisions, 5.00 for Youth Division only (pay through the form) 
Entry Form: 

This show will be held on please visit the site to get registered! 
Please read the following help documentation:
• Upload your photos: 
• REQUIRED READING Formatting Text Fields: Simple Version: 
• Entering A Show: 
• EVENT values entrants should use if they want to compete for points on PonyBytes - “Workmanship” for all halter classes, “Misc” for all Performance classes 

No class limits and no background requirements


1. Happy Trails 
2. Barnstorming 
3. Send in the Clowns 
4. Something Wicked this Way Comes 
5. Might as Well Jump 
6. Do the Conga 
7. Red Carpet 
8. Cosplay Away 
9. Rocket League 
10. Family Portrait 
11. Pony Club 
12. Sparkle Motion 
13. Rainbow Brite 
14. Country Club 
15. Animal Farm

The class list is the same for all seven halter divisions, broken out by letter per division:
A. Youth (OF Plastic)
B. OF Plastic
C. Custom
D. Artist Edition
E. OF China
F. Custom Glaze 
G. Medallions

1. Black Licorice 
2. Ganache 
3. Red Velvet 
4. Caramel 
5. Honey 
6. Cheesecake 
7. Marshmallow 
8. The Grey Stuff 
9. Turkish Delight 
10. Blueberry 
11. Spotted Dick 
12. Chocolate Chip 
13. Rocky Road 
14. S’mores 
15. Gelato 
16. Jelly Beans 
17. Gumdrops
Click here for Results in Excel: RESULTS

If you need edits or a different format, please email

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