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BreyerFest Open Model Horse Show
[Image: bfl_banner.JPG]


Results in Excel Format
Results in PDF Format
Show Manager Presentation (11 MB)


BreyerFest Live Open Show Packet*
BreyerFest Live Open Show Run Classification List
BreyerFest Live Open Show Breed Classification List

*The times in the Show Packet are Eastern time zone. 


The Title field should have your model’s name (the name you gave the model, not its Breyer name, unless you’re using that name).

For the Description field, please be sure to review the PonyBytes Help document on "Simple Formatting." In the Description field, after OTHER*, you should have the horse’s breed(s) and gender, then a period and then after that:

• For all Original Finish Halter entries, please give basic information about the model (the year(s) it was produced, mold or model name and source for special or limited runs). Here are some examples:

          1958-59 Proud Arabian Mare Pride, RR
          2002 Banat Er Rih, Tour Model SR
          2018 Sierra Rose, BreyerFest SR, run of 725
          2008 Velvet Rope Event, Celebrity, LR run of 15
          1996 BreyerFest Auction, OOAK

• In Performance, please list breed(s) and gender, then briefly describe the entry, as you would at a live show. Diagrams and lengthy information need to be linked – instructions for linking documentation are in the PonyBytes Help pages.

• In Customized classes, no additional information is needed beyond breed(s) and gender. Please do not include the name of the artist/customizer.

• In Special Run and Collectibility classes, remember that COAs are optional; the basic information listed above is all we really need. The only exception to this is for clearware pieces; documentation of provenance is required. If your model is a variation or oddity, including that information in the description is highly recommended.


Each entrant should make sure that when the entrant copies photos to the show, the box marked “Notify Me of Comments” is checked.

Entrant User Options: Make sure that in your User Options, the following boxes are ticked:

• Receive emails from the Administrators.
• Receive private messages from other users.
• Alert me with a notice when I receive a Private Message.
• Notify me by email when I receive a new Private Message.

Entrants should not tick the box labeled: Hide your email from other members. What this will do is prevent stewards from being able to get a hold of you.

It is also strongly suggested that you "subscribe" to this thread (see the lower left hand corner of the screen) so you will get notifications of updates to this thread.


There are a number of classes that are "double-judged" (judged by one judge using "breed" criteria, and judged by another using "collectibility" criteria). In order for the site to capture both sets of results, we split the class into a "breed" class and a "collectibility" class. Your model should enter both in order to take advantage of the "double-judging." Any questions? Just let us know and we will be happy to help you.


All Regular Run and Special Run classes are Breed
Collectibility classes #300-326B are Collectibility
Collectibility classes #327 – 343 are labeled Breed or Collectibility
Customized classes #401 – 443 are Breed; classes #444 – 448 are Misc
Foal classes #501 – 528 are Breed; classes #529 – 535 are Collectibility
Mini classes #601 – 624 are Breed; classes #625 – 629 are Collectibility; classes #630-631 are Misc
English Performance is English
Western Performance is Western
Miscellaneous Performance is Other

Use of advanced formatting is optional, and for this very large show, we will not have resources to train people to use it, so it is strongly suggested that you just stick to the simple formatting. The difference between the two is explained in the Help section.


To see a total of the number of pictures you have entered, click the "Reports" link in the topmost menu, and then click on the "MY ENTRIES" link. Click on the BreyerFest Open Show. A report will open that shows you all of your entries, and at the very bottom is a total of the number of entries. It does not count entries in double-judged collectibility classes. This report will also help you ascertain how many entries you have in each class: it lists each entry with its class name, in class order.


Please note that entrants should not attempt to contact the judges.

Limited Run/OOAK Breed: Heather Jackson
Performance Misc: Lisa Sharpe
Performance Western: Julia Harmon
Performance English: Robin Smith
CM Pony, Stock, Light/Gaited/Spanish, Minis: Danielle Feldman
CM Draft, Sport, Foals, Fantasy: Heather McCurdy
Mini OF RR S1, RR S2: Shana Bobbitt
Mini OF SR1, SR2: Cheryl Ellison
OF Foal SR Trad, RR/SR Mini: Nina Henne
OF Foal RR Trad, RR/SR Classic: Sara Roche
Collectibility Foals, Minis: Marci Driscoll
Collectibility Unreal S1, LR S1: Kelly Keracher
Collectibility Unreal S2, OOAK: Renata Adamowicz-Shura
Collectibility Misc, LR S2: Alexandrea Brittain
SR Sport, Spanish, Pony: Mary Chrusciel
SR Light, Stock, Draft: Bonnie Marcey
RR Sport, Stock, Draft: Carrie Richmond
RR Light, Spanish, Pony: Linnea Ulrich

Any questions specific to the show's classlist or rules should be sent to
e l i z a b e t h
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