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BreyerFest Children/Youth/Adult Novice (CYAN) Show
[Image: cyan_banner.JPG]

All times in the Show Packets are Eastern time zone times. Please note that there are corrections to the packets below, so please read on. Paid entrants who timely completed the trial upload phase may copy photos into the show galleries until Sun., 06/06, 11:59 PM EDT.


Each entrant should make sure that when the entrant copies photos to the show, the box under the photo marked “Notify Me of Comments” is checked.

Entrant User Options: Make sure that in your User Options, the following boxes are ticked:

• Receive emails from the Administrators.
• Receive private messages from other users.
• Alert me with a notice when I receive a Private Message.
• Notify me by email when I receive a new Private Message.

Entrants should not tick the box labeled: Hide your email from other members. What this will do is prevent stewards from being able to get a hold of you.

It is also strongly suggested that you "subscribe" to this thread (see the lower left hand corner of the screen) so you will get notifications of updates to this thread.


Learn more about the folks who will be judging and stewarding your entries here.


Video on Taking Photos
Video on Making Documentation
Help Document on Uploading Documentation with Video

*Please note that the showpacket encourages you to upload documentation to PonyBytes, but Google Docs is also fine! We don't care where you store your documentation images, just make sure they are linked in your photo's description field and that the link works.
This section of the CYAN shows' page will cover questions that may not be answered by the show packet.

Q: What goes in the Title field of my photo?
A: Your horse's name.

Q: For halter, do I need to photograph both sides of my horse?
A: No you do not. Just photograph one side of the horse. More explanation is here.

Q: Can I put my horse's name, breed or gender in print ON the horse's photo?
A: No. That information belongs in the photo description field.

Q: Is it one horse per class or one class per horse?
A: It is both. You may only enter one horse in a class, and you may only enter that horse in one class.

Q: Well, can I at least enter a horse in one halter class and one performance class?
A: No. The rule above applies across the board. You can only show a horse in one class in this show, period.

Q: I got a comment on my photo. How do I respond?
A: Send a private message to the comment's author if a response is necessary. Do not use the "Report Comment" feature; that is for reporting obscene or inappropriate material and your message will not get to the comment's author (usually a steward).

Q: There are two classes labeled "21."
A: Yes. "All Other Pure/Part Sport Breeds" should be class 20.

Q: Why are there no Scene classes for Youth?
A: These were inadvertently omitted. The additional classes are:
  • 51. SCENE (Equine) Realistic
  • 52. SCENE (Non-Equine) Realistic
  • 53. SCENE Unrealistic
There will also be a championship for Scene.

Q: Documentation is terrifying!
A: We got you. Check out the "Helpful Videos" above. The one video shows you what to put in breed documentation and the other shows you how to get that material onto PonyBytes (if you want to store it here).

Q: Can I use Google docs for my documentation?
A: Yes. The show packet doesn't say so but the show managers have approved the use of Google docs for documentation. You should make sure the Google document is "shared," so that people other than you will be able to see it, and you should test to make sure your documentation link in your photo works. Smile

Q: Do I need documentation for unicorns or fantasy equines?
A: Since there is no registry for fantasy equines, we do not require breed documentation for them.

Q: What class should I pick for a mixed breed horse that is also a mixed type (for example, stock x draft)?
A: A mixed-breed horse should go in the "other pure/part" that it most closely resembles. If your stock x draft horse (for example a QH crossed with a Clydesdale) looks more like a stock horse, pick the "other pure/part stock" class. If the stock x draft horse looks more like a draft horse, pick the "other pure/part draft" class.
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