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Updates to Pointkeeping and Old Shows
As previously announced, the photo results from old shows will be disappearing. While I do this, you may be temporarily able to access classes from old shows or see them in your drop-down menu. Please ignore these.

To accommodate the need of the CYAN and BFL shows, I am converting the available placings and points as follows:

- 10 points for 1st, Champs
- 9 points for 2nd, Reserves
- 8 points for 3rd

And so on. Placings will go from 1st through 10th plus two HMs.

The HMs will show up in reports as 11-12th place until I train the reports to label them as HM. Smile

In order to get the points to calculate correctly, I will need a separate database and results table to use. Therefore the points reports will be coming from a different database than the "results" reports, and points from a given show will not show up in the points reports until we have confirmed that a set of results from a given show are "final."

While I am working on this, the points reports may be intermittently offline or gibberish. Please bear with us!
e l i z a b e t h

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