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BreyerFest Prost! Adult Novice Show 2022
Hello Adult Novices!


Here are results in Excel format that you can download.

And here are the judge's critiques (narratives)!


The results are coming in! Go to the Reports section of the site to see them. You can download your flat ribbons here:

First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh | Eighth | Ninth | Tenth


Here is the show packet v.7 for this wonderful show offered by Breyer. You can locate the "version" of your show packet in the lower right hand corner, in the footer area.

- 03/27/22, 8:30 PM: We updated the show packet to v.4. We updated the Performance Guide to make it even more clear what events belong in each performance class.

- 04/01/22 9:00 AM: We updated the show packet to v.5. We renumbered the performance classes in the show packet for site-related purposes. In halter, we removed the Fantasy Equine class from the "Breed" halter division (Fantasy Equines have a class in the "Collectibility" halter division already), and split "Other Pure/Part Pony" into "Other Pure Pony" and "Other Part[bred] Pony."

- 04/03/22 10:00 AM: We updated the show packet to v.6. We have updated the Breed Placement Guide to identify American Belgian, American Cream Draft, American Drum Horse, and North American Spotted Draft as showing in the "American Draft" class (previously each was misidentified as "Other Pure Draft").

- 04/14/22 10:00 AM: We updated the show packet to v.7. We have updated the Breed Placement Guide to clarify what horses go in Other Pure Sport and Other Part Sport. (for your convenience, the updated information is highlighted in yellow in the show packet).  Consistent with the "one horse per class and one class per horse" rule, we have elaborated to say that you cannot cross-enter a horse in breed and performance, breed and collectibility, or collectibility and performance.

INFO ONLY FOR ADVANCED FORMATTING USERS: Use Breed as the event in all "B" classes, Collectibility for all "C" classes, Western for Western Pleasure, English for English Pleasure. Use Other for Realistic Regalia, Other Performance, Prost! Scene, and Realistic Scene. Use Misc for Unrealistic Scene.

QUESTIONS? If you have questions, you can either email the show holders (the email address is in the packet) or post to this thread.
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