Here's What Each Report Does

Current Results Lists all results for currently active shows for the calendar year for all horses. After a time, these results will move to the archive.
Archived Results Lists all archived results for shows for all horses.
All Points Lists points accumulated by all horses or animals in each event (e.g., breed halter, western trail, etc.) from archived results for the last calendar year.
My Gallery Lists and links all your photos from your photo storage space, My Gallery. Shows how the info in the Description field of your photos will appear in results and points reports. Includes all the ID numbers you have assigned to horses. The report is sortable by ID number or horse name.
My Entries Lists and links all photos you have entered in currently active shows including how the information in the Description field will appear in the results and points reports.
My Comments Lists all comments from show staff on photos in currently active shows. You can use this report to reply to comments by PM.
My Results Lists all your results from archived results. The report is sorted so the latest shows/classes appear at the top. You can also sort by ID or horse name.
My Points Lists all your horses' accumulated points from archived results for the calendar year by event.